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Hi, I'm Rebecca

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Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I am the owner of Active Plate Nutrition LLC: a virtual nutrition coaching business for performing athletes. I am a registered dietitian currently living in Music City USA: Nashville, TN. I have experience working with athletes in sports ranging from SEC football to high school athletics. Through my time working with different athletes, I noticed that dancers are particularly overlooked and often under-served in sports nutrition. After dancing for 20 years and becoming a registered dietitian, I decided to combine both of my passions and create Active Plate Nutrition: a virtual nutrition coaching company focused in fueling performing athletes. ​I truly believe a healthy relationship with food and eating are paramount to any nutritional approach. No radical diets, no restrictive rules, no stress and worry... just smart, sustainable, and evidence based strategies to help dancers reach their goals and achieve longevity in their sport. Learn more about my services by clicking the button below!

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